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As your clinician, my goal is to cultivate a trusting space and help you meet your therapy goals by placing your needs at the forefront. Our work together will be meaningful and life changing as long as you are ready and consistent in your attending your sessions and ready to apply the skills you learn to your day to day. My approach is inclusive to all relationship types, sexuality, ages and cultural backgrounds. If we find that you want a different specialization than what I provide, I will help link you to a list of providers.

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Lynell Westbrook Cooper, LCSW, BIP-SF is the Founder and CEO of Rose Project Counseling & Consulting LLC, also known as Restoring Our Sisters Environment, The Rose Project. Lynell is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Entrepreneur and Educator from Muncie, Indiana. She has lived primarily in Indianapolis for the last 17 years, where she raised her three children as a single mother. Lynell has always prioritized showing her children how to defy odds, starting with excelling at Indiana University Bloomington after having child one at age 16. Through her career in social services, she went onto be recognized as an emerging professional and leader. She ultimately launched The Rose Project and went back to obtain her Masters in Social Work, all while working multiples job and keeping her children engaged in extracurricular activities. Throughout the years, Lynell has taken pride in helping other Minority and Black Owned businesses learn to operate with sustainable goals, helping to create scalable business plans, and achieve various professional certifications. Lynell has successfully owned and operated The Rose Project since 2015, and also now also serves as an Associate Professor at the University of Indianapolis in the Masters of Social Work program. Lynell’s professional and clinical work include helping to eliminate Domestic Violence through psycho-education as she is the youngest Black Woman to own and operate at the Certified-Senior level for Batterers Intervention Programs in Indiana. Additionally she provides Addictions Counseling to Parents, Child & Parent Reunification services, and Government Contracting and Compliance consulting. Lynell has served on several boards in the community contributing her time, talent and treasure to various Indianapolis and National Non-Profits.

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